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Stem cell dental implants: Are they possible?

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Stem cell dental implants: Are they possible?

Have you heard of stem cell dental implants? We all know that when it comes to finding the best missing teeth replacement procedure, nothing beats the stability and efficiency of dental implants. It is already a given that dental implants are the gold standard in restoring your smile following a tooth extraction. Let us discover all about stem cell dental implants, from what these are, how they work, and if these dental implants are better than the ones we are using today. For more information about dental implants,  contact and go to Infinity Dental’s clinic in Winston Hills.


Dental implants overview

As far as restorative dentistry and prosthodontics are concerned, dental implants are the best option among all missing teeth replacement appliances. They are permanent, natural-looking, surgically attached tooth replacements made of hard metal that look, function, and feel closest to man’s natural teeth. However, because all dental procedures still have room for improvements, complications and downsides of getting dental implants cannot be denied.


Disadvantages of dental implants

dental implant placementThe cost. When we think of getting dental implants, the first thing that comes into mind is how expensive it will be. It is given knowledge that dental implants may be the best but the most expensive dental procedure of all dental procedures. Expect a price tag of at least $3000 to $4500 for a single implant.

Implant limitations. Not all patients needing implant surgery can be candidates. some patients lack the bone tissue it needs to hold the implant and may need additional surgery and procedures before getting a dental implant. Some patients with wound healing problems or gum tissue conditions cannot undergo implant surgery as well.

Procedure timeline. The process is grueling and would require you to come in and out of the clinic for a span of at least a year. This will depend on the type of implant, your healing capacity, and the expertise of your dentist.

Healing process. You will undergo at least 2 surgical procedures to be able to have dental implants, and each surgery entails a healing period of at least 2 months. This means more days off work and downtime.

Implant failure. Most implants can last a good 10 to 15 years, as many implant manufacturers would claim. However, it would depend on how you take care of your implants, your lifestyle, and the quality of implants how long they will become sturdy.

Stem cell dental implants?

Because of these disadvantages, many scientists are now looking into ways to naturally re-grow teeth. Yes! We know it is quite impossible, but these geniuses are researching about a shark’s ability to re-grow unlimited sets of teeth in a matter of weeks, and how humans can do the same. They discovered that there are stem cells found in our baby teeth and wisdom teeth, and they are doing experiments that would make stem cell dental implants possible. There are experiments done in different universities that have tested stem cell dental implants theory on rat teeth, human gum and tooth tissue, through the use of low-level laser light, and using a natural-material scaffold that looks like a tooth to direct stem cells into generating a new tooth. Although these may still be a work in progress, we all hope that these endeavors can help us solve the mystery on how to preserve a healthy radiant smile the more affordable and organic way.



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How a dental appointment reminder tool can benefit your dental practice

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How a dental appointment reminder tool can benefit your dental practice

You have spent countless hours trying to grow your dental practice. There are just a few more things you will need. This article will focus on how a dental appointment reminder tool can be beneficial for you. We will also provide more information about booking a dental appointment online and how this dental service software can help you grow your practice.


What is a dental appointment reminder?

This technology will enable the front desk operations of a dental practice to be streamlined. There would be some instances that front desk personnel would have difficulty reaching patients who do not show up for appointments. This software would save time, and make it easier to reach and track down these types of patients, especially those who have unconfirmed appointments. It would maximize the time of the dental office altogether.

On top of this, the software can be beneficial for both patients and staff. A dental appointment reminder can make the workload of your staff lighter, as they will not have to add “contacting patients” to their job description. At the same time, it can be an effective way to reach out to patients to remind them about appointments. Even if it is automated, it does not mean it has to be impersonal. You can customize welcome messages, reminders and other types of correspondence to patients.


Advantages of using a dental appointment reminder

How can you use this tool to your advantage?

Avoid missed appointments. Missed appointments cost the dental industry millions of dollars a year. Instead of allowing another patient to make the appointment, the dentist would prioritize the first patient not knowing that the patient will not be there. Reduce the risk of missed appointments with a dental appointment tool. 


Most of the time, patients do not avoid going to a dental appointment on purpose. They might have had a busy day and just forgot. The dental appointment reminder software would remind them of their commitment. In cases where they really cannot make it, they will most likely send a text message to cancel the appointment.


Higher efficiency. Having this type of software would enable your front line staff to take care of other important business. If you take away this responsibility from their plate, they will be able to attend to patients who walk into the office more effectively. They would be able to make the patients feel more welcome and also attend to other tasks that can directly affect your practice.


Customer satisfaction. Of course, the patients would also benefit from the dental appointment reminder because they would feel more valued by the dental practice if they would be receiving personalized messages to remind them of appointments. Also, if the front desk staff can attend to their concerns and questions more because they would have more time on their hands for interaction with patients, those patients will be much more satisfied with the overall experience at the dental office.


If you are considering incorporating a dental appointment reminder system to your dental practice, we are sure that you will be satisfied with this investment. 

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Doctor appointment online: What it’s all about

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Doctor appointment online: What it’s all about

The way you see your doctor typically looks like this: if there is something bothering you or a member of the family, you would look at the time and if the clinic is still open, call your doctor’s secretary and schedule an appointment. OR if there is discomfort that you can’t put it off for tomorrow, you go to your doctor and hope that they have a slot for a walk-in, and if not, then you go directly to the hospital. That looks pretty on point, right? So wouldn’t it all be easier if you can get a doctor appointment online? For example, you can contact online through the AuRhinoplastyBrisbane site so you can have an appointment for tomorrow. Here are some facts about securing a doctor appointment online and the benefits of having one.


Doctor appointment online: An overview

Online doctor scheduling is a new process of securing medical appointments through the use of your laptop, PC, or even your mobile phones. Several software applications offer convenience in dealing with your needed doctor’s appointment so they made it easier for the patients to use while helping clinic staff organize and fill their practice with patients.

Benefits of getting a doctor appointment online


Keep up with the health trend

Let’s face it, getting anything online is the future. Social media platforms use vlogs and posts to help clients advertise their products online, and you can just imagine how effective it is so far. As you see the view count on each celebrity’s or influencer’s video post on their channel, surely the advertisements embedded inside also benefit from it. On the medical side, however, everything digital is the future. Getting an appointment online with a click of a button is better than spending hours calling and confirming an appointment.

More new patients

We are now living in a digital world and most patients who are needing medical attention may be very techie, for a lack of better word. They spend much of their time in front of a computer through their PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile phones. Offering doctor appointment online is as powerful as online shopping in the sense that it’s easier and more convenient for patients to secure and schedule an appointment, and it is a sure sign that your schedule will be packed with new patients.

Better office organization

medical recordsHaving a software application that does all the ‘talking and scheduling’ will give your clinic staff more time to focus on other things that would make your practice more organized. Imagine how much time receptionists and clinic personnel spend in answering patient calls and calling patients for confirmation. Those hours can now be spent fixing and improving other clinic needs like the organization of medical records and clinic files.


Better health for patients

Let’s be honest, we do not seek medical attention until we feel something wrong with our bodies. The cost may be the primary reason why, but the inconvenience of getting to the doctor and even scheduling an appointment is also a big excuse that we can give to skip seeing a doctor. Now, if we are presented with a more convenient way of getting a doctor’s appointment online, then most of us may be more responsible for getting wellness check-ups and regular doctor visits. This would help us maintain a better way of living and better monitoring of our health.

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Why patients prefer to schedule doctor appointment online

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Why patients prefer to schedule doctor appointment online

In this fast-paced world that we are living in today, almost everything you need is at the click of a button. Our state-of-the-art technology makes everything easier, faster, and hassle-free. This is also true with getting healthcare. If surgery can be performed remotely using a robotic machine, then it is no wonder that one can schedule doctor appointment online. Yes, with a click and a tap on your mobile device or computer, you can secure an appointment with your doctor. What benefits does online appointment scheduling give you? Do you want to give it a try? Say, if you need reliable dental services, click here to contact them today.


How to schedule doctor appointment online

The first thing you need to do is research for the best doctor to offer their services that suit your medical (or dental) needs. There are doctors who update their websites with the correct contact numbers and also provide a contact form that you can fill out if you want to schedule an appointment with them. Doctor or clinic websites that provide the dates and times available for the week are much more preferred since scheduling and organizing a patient’s schedule to compensate for their doctor’s appointment becomes easier and hassle-free. All you have to do is select the time and date that is most convenient for you and provide them your basic information, and you are good to go!


Benefits of online doctor appointment scheduling

You may be wondering what is the difference between the traditional and online scheduling and why do patients prefer the latter more. Here are a few of the obvious reasons why online appointment scheduling is a better option.

online doctor appointment

It saves time. With traditional scheduling, you make calls that lead you to a trunk line or a voicemail of a doctor, then you either wait for the receptionist to call and confirm your appointment or just contact them again to make sure that your appointment is secure. The time you spent in calling and waiting is far too long compare to when getting an online appointment. With securing an appointment online, all you have to do is fill out a simple form and send it to the official website, and the receptionist will just call you to confirm the time and date you wish to see your doctor. Some even give you the exact time and date that you can secure an appointment on the spot.

It makes your office work easier. Receptionists are portrayed in movies and TV shows as someone who is always on the phone. In doctor’s clinics and offices, most of the time, the calls are from patients wanting to seek consultation and follow-up with their doctors. If you offer to schedule doctor appointment online, your receptionist can devote more of her time to organizing other medical paperwork and files than routinely answering the phone.

It is the future. There may still be some offices and clinics that prefer answering calls from patients to secure appointments. Maybe the reason is that they are not ready to add this innovative procedure in their tasks, or they do not have the resources to have an online appointment scheduling software. But we have to admit that in the near future, everyone will rely on this technology, so it is up to you if you would want to be left behind or you want to get ahead of your competitors. The choice is always yours, of course.

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Electric Handpiece: Advancement In Dental Technology

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Electric Handpiece: Advancement In Dental Technology

A healthy mouth can prove that it is an important indicator of how a person prioritizes his or her oral hygiene. However, this has not been an instant solution for everyone back then. Imagine how our predecessors were able to take care of their health without the tools that are easily seen in a dentist’s office today. A rotten tooth or even a set of teeth can terribly be a painful thing to endure during these ancient times. There is proof that our ancestors were able to drill their own teeth by using different tools available to them back then. The good thing about living nowadays is that dental associations and organizations were the pioneers of modern dental technology that improved modern dental and medicinal health. Today, you can enjoy going to the dentist’s office without being concerned about the pain by the use of proven safe electric handpiece and pain-free treatments for your dental needs. There are different NSK handpieces that can help your dental office in giving the best quality dental service for your patients.

Selecting the Best Dental Handpiece 

Since we are already living in a modern world where we can enjoy the benefits of modern equipment invented by the dental pioneers, we are free from the hassle that our predecessors have experienced back then. Dental handpiece is quality equipment for any dentist that can ease the drilling electric handpieceprocess for oral treatment. There are different types of the dental handpiece that can be availed today, such as electric handpiece or air-driven handpiece. What to select for the best dental handpiece depends on your practice or your preferences. Important factors to consider in selecting the best dental handpiece should include the following: lubricant flow and control, date when the machine was manufactured, speed and torque and lastly warranties and maintenance. It is important to choose the best and quality electric handpiece because if a dentist paid little attention to details like this, it may risk the patient’s life and may complicate the dental treatment and process.

Electrical handpieces have the advantage of being able to control the speed and thus gives more flexibility by setting up its motor. Dental advancement has also made way for electrical handpieces to be quieter and cause less vibration than other handpieces available. This will allow patients to have less anxiety while doing the cleaning and other surgical process done by the dentist. In addition, LED lights are already included in most tools to help aid in guiding where to drill a tooth.

A Demand for Development

People have been looking to find the best and efficient ways to improve one’s quality of life and make the most of their time. Advancement in technology was able to help dental and medical practitioners. Careful and well-funded research has been able to add features for equipment useful for the practice or remove obsolete and less-efficient dental tools. After the dental innovation seen in the past decades and centuries, the emerging demand for development in other dental services has peaked. The market has already reported a huge surge for more ways to improve dental check-ups and surgeries. You can ask your dentist if you can avail packages or treatments that may suit you and give you a worry-free scheduled checkup.

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