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Tummy Tuck Scars: How to Get Rid of Them?

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Tummy Tuck Scars: How to Get Rid of Them?

So you’ve undergone tummy tuck surgery to get rid of an unsightly fatty area along your abdomen! Now you feel great about your better personality. But what about the tummy tuck scars that are left after the surgical procedure? While tummy tuck increases your confidence, scars can lower this confidence. Don’t worry; there are ways to get rid of those unsightly scars.

Shave excision

In case you have a raised scar, your surgeon could remove it through the shave excision procedure. The doctor will smooth out your skin surface by using a surgical shaver. After the procedure, the wound should heal without sutures or stitches. However, you’ll receive topical treatment such as an ointment to ease the wound.

Scar removal

It’s another way to improve the appearance of scars that are raised. The scars could be modified or completely removed. During the removal process, an incision is made along the scar tissue. Once the scar is removed, the wound will be closed using sutures. If the scar is the outcome of an improperly closed suture, then a modification process will be performed. In this case, the scar will be opened and closed with a much better suture.


If the scars are depressed instead of being raised, it’s best to inject them with dermal fillers. After injecting fillers, the scars will rise so that they align with your skin surface.

Surface treatments

For mild or very light scars, a surface treatment is a better bet. It can help to fade them or remove them completely.

tummy tuck scarsLaser treatments

Laser treatments are used for removing the damaged skin from the body. The treatment also aims at stimulating the growth of new skin cells after removing scars.

Tummy tuck scars can let you down even after improving your personality. However, it’s easy to resolve this issue through various methods. Just check out the options on getting rid of unsightly scars and choose the best one to have smooth, tight skin.

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Breast Reduction Surgery Scars

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Breast Reduction Surgery Scars

Breast reduction is when all or part of the breast is removed. There are two types of scar techniques, the long-scar technique which looks like a T, and the short-scar technique which has been proven to be not as effective as the long-scar technique but will bring the breast a cup-size down. The long-scar technique has an increased risk of scarring and being more noticeable because more incisions are made due to necessity. Sometimes sagging or the breasts not being the same size is the reason for the long-scar technique to be used and can create more scarring.

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Breast Reduction Surgery ScarsHow To Reduce Breast Reduction Surgery Scars Visibility?

Scars are raised bumps on the skin caused by scar tissue. Scar tissue is fibrous tissue which has stitched the tissues and skin back together and therefore is an off-color from the rest of the pigmentation of the skin. To start, it is usually dark red or pink, and then it fades in color, in some instances looking like a thin white line. If a person with darker skin has a breast reduction scar, it is most likely their scars will be more noticeable. Depending on the technique used during the breast reduction, scars can be hidden in the creases of the breast and torso, or by clothing.

There are scar removal procedures offered by doctors after patients have had breast reductions, and although it has been proven to be effective only a little, vitamin E can help reduce the visibility of scars because it helps strengthen the elasticity of the skin. There are factors which can make breast reduction scars worsen and become more visible, such as tanning and smoking, and patients who have had breast reduction surgeries should avoid these things so as not to irritate the scar tissue and make the scars more visible. Remembering to wear sunscreen on exposed skin, especially the areas where breast reduction techniques have been performed, is a great way to reduce the visibility of scars as well.

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