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The importance of patient’s medical history

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The importance of patient’s medical history

There are different questions that can be found in the forms you fill in your doctor’s office and some of them include you to note down your dental and medical history. Patient’s medical history includes both your and your family medical history and it has information about any health problems you have had throughout your life as well as the health problems that your relatives have had in their lifetime. This is actually very important and can help you and your doctors during your life while dealing with any possible health issues. If you’re wondering why are patients medical history so important, here are some convincing reasons.

  1. Know your risks

As it was already previously mentioned, your medical history should contain information on both your and your family medical information. This information is important and can give your doctor an idea about possible health risks and problems in your life – if both of your parents had some kind of heart issues, the doctor will probably keep an eye on your heart health in a much younger age than he’ll do it with other patients. There are many medical issues and diseases that are genetically inherited and having all the information about the diseases that run in your family can be very helpful in dealing and maybe even preventing those problems.

  1. Making things easier

Has your doctor ever asked you if you’ve used some medication previously in your life and you couldn’t remember? That’s not very surprising and most people can’t remember all the medication they once used. That’s when having a medical record can help and provide an easy way to track the history of your medication intake.

  1. Emergency

patients medical historySometimes there just isn’t enough time to track all the medical information a doctor could need and have all of the patient’s medical information could save his life. A medical emergency can be a bit less serious but it’ll still help to have all the right information in one place, especially with problems such as allergies.

Patient’s medical history is very important for both doctors and patients – it can help doctors as well as the patient and patient’s family further in life.

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How Much Is the Salary for Medical Transcriptionist?

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How Much Is the Salary for Medical Transcriptionist?

Medical Transcription is rapidly becoming one of the most appealing jobs. Why may you ask? Well, a career in medical transcription is an excellent work from home job and a respectable profession which can be launched in under a year, as little as four months. The only necessary qualification needed to start training is a high school diploma.

The financial aspect of any career may play a crucial part in your decision to pursue it. Rest assured! The bureau of labor statistics states that on average, the medical transcriptionist earns $30.000 a year, with the average salary fluctuating between the paid typists based on productions levels. The medical transcription salary isn’t the only perk, as discussed before the handiness of working from the comfort of your home is both rare and beneficial. Furthermore, the flexibility provided by the job is highly appealing to anyone with other commitments, looking to get by.

To become a medical transcription, you’ll need specific equipment, including:

  • A computer or laptop
  • A quality headset
  • Writing software such as Microsoft Word
  • A foot pedal
  • Audio software (to make your work easier – fast forwards or plays back anything you’ve missed.)
  • A transcription foot pedal (which goes with your audio software – allows you to playback, fast forward and more with the tap of a foot)

Once you have gathered the necessary equipment, you must enroll in a medical transcription course, which is entirely online. Without completing the course, it would be incredibly difficult to secure a job.

medical transcription salaryThe online course, particularly the qualification provided by the career step, is incredibly useful. Cultivated by experienced transcriptionists (with over 20 years of experience) it prepares you for everything you need to know to become a medical transcription or editor, all for a one time fee. With the course, being online, you are prompted to work at your own pace, allowing you to assimilate this into your daily schedule tailored to your personal needs.

A final note on this matter is that a medical transcription salary is on average $30.000, which is quite substantial when you weigh in other perks and factors. Medical transcriptions are professional typist who works in the healthcare industry and is a career experience increased demand.

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Know What is Medical Transcription

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Know What is Medical Transcription

Many folks have been asking this question, what is medical transcription? Well, medical transcribing involves the act of copying health records that are recited by nurses, physicians, and other medical physicians. Dictations are voice folders usually called in through the phone or uploaded electronically through the web and currently across smartphone applications. With current’s technology, several electronic gadgets are utilized to document sound files like portable digital recorder and iPhone application. The supplier then dictates crisis room calls, map reviews, operations, office visits, diagnostic imaging learnings, and ultimate synopsis and it’s uploaded to a transcriptionist from where he’ll type it.

medical transcriptionNurses, physicians, or other medical suppliers dictate a note in electrical sound format to maintain a trail of the history, care, and well-being of a patient. Dictates are then transcribed into a word file by health transcriptionists and conveyed back to the doctor digitally. Doctors will accept or make alterations to their health transcripts before saving and stockpiling to the health record of a patient. Pathologists, surgeons, radiologists, cardiologist, and other health experts must all harmonize their endeavors to guarantee a patient’s care is appropriate and adequate.

Conventionally, expert qualified health transcriptionists working in the health information division of a health center discharged the transcribing of health records. However, health transcription has evolved over the years. Instead of a collection of handwritten notes for the journal, the approach has proceeded digital, and medical institutions are moving to digital. These reports of patients are securely stockpiled in the digital database and are accessible for instant recovery anytime by affiliated or authorized medical personnel.

Currently, several digital health registers methodologies have built-in dictation and voice identification storage that can be adjusted to numerous transcribing’s models involving in-house or outsourcing solutions. However, still, experience and time have revealed that web traditional health transcription is nonetheless the most precise and affordable time-saving solution. These hold fact-based because doctors don’t have time to disburse innumerable hours reviewing their notes.

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What Does The Medical Secretary Do?

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What Does The Medical Secretary Do?

A medical secretary is essential to the smooth functioning of the offices of doctors, hospitals, and medical laboratories. Their duties usually include taking the patient medical histories, scheduling appointments, ordering supplies, and keeping records. Like any other who work in the healthcare support careers, the work they do is key to the functioning of any particular facility which provides the patient care. They interact with a public in the entire day, scheduling appointments, greeting patients, and taking phone calls. If you want to know more, Click here!

They use various office equipment, which includes computers, scanners, multi-line telephone systems, and fax machines while carrying out their duties. They also use their knowledge of health insurance rules, medical billing procedures, and medical terminology. At a minimum, they need the high school diploma together with the specialized training in the secretarial skills and also medical practices and terminology.

Medical secretary duties and responsibilities

They usually carry out the following obligations:

  • Handling phone calls and taking messages
  • Scheduling staff meetings that include ordering food and reserving the conference rooms
  • Preparing and trafficking invoices, memos, and reports
  • Schedule the appointments and the surgeries of a patient, and sending appointment reminders and also follow-ups through emails or calls
  • Handling faxes and mail
  • Processing patient billing and medical insurance claims
  • Performing file system and database management

medical secretaryThey are relied upon by medical staff, physicians, and the patients to keep the office operations run smoothly. Additionally, to performing supportive and administrative functions, they are supposed to the medical terminology and also be familiar with different business practices and medical procedures.

They are supposed to the right computer skills to efficiently and accurately process the patient information that includes insurance claims and payments, managing the patient records and office database, and also managing the schedule of the physician. They are also supposed to prepare and write reports and then type and transcribe the medical reports.

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Autologous Fat Transfer: Is it Worth Considering?

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Autologous Fat Transfer: Is it Worth Considering?

Autologous fat transfer, also called, fat grafting is emerging as a new technique in the world of surgery. It involves a transfer of fat from areas with excess fat such as outer thighs or abdomen into areas that lack volumes such as breasts, face or buttocks. The integration of the person’s own transplanted fat to other body parts into host tissues and the ability of the integrated fat to attain long-lasting correction make it an ideal procedure with best results.

Here are some of the important benefits of this cutting-edge procedure.

No side effects

Most of the surgeries come with certain side effects. However, fat grafting doesn’t leave any ill effects on the health of the patient. On the contrary, the procedure leaves long-term positive impacts and allows you to correct the deformity in the best possible manner.

autologous fat transferExcellent outcomes

Many folks opt for cosmetic surgeries to fix their appearance and other abnormalities. However, very few of them get the desired results from the surgery. Some patients even encounter a series of problems after the procedure. Fat grafting, on the other side, generates excellent outcomes with maximum success rate.


Opting for surgeries is an expensive affair. However, fat grafting is a budget-friendly procedure. Even people with a tight budget can reap the perks of fat grafting without breaking their bank account.

Lacking volume on buttocks, face or breasts can be really pressing for any individual. However, it’s possible to get rid of such conditions through autologous fat transfer. Excellent results, no side effects, affordability, etc are a few of the benefits of this innovative surgical procedure. For these reasons, many people turn to fat grafting to harvest these diverse benefits. If you wish to correct any of your facial or breast deformities, turn to a reliable surgeon to get the best results for your condition.

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Importance of Medical Records Transcription

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Importance of Medical Records Transcription

Medical practitioners such as nurses, doctors, and surgeons have some of the toughest and crucial jobs across the globe. They have to further their education and at the same time taking care of the lives of their patients. Due to the ever-changing world, and the emergence of the diseases of all sorts they have to keep on learning from time to time and be up to date with the current knowledge as well as technology.

Apart from their daily activities, health providers have to keep notes so as to comply with the HIPAA standards and also because it is part and parcel of the record keeping process.

Importance of medical records transcription

  • Ensures there is accuracy

medical records transcriptionHealth providers should be in possession of proper documentation when it comes to health matters. When treating patients doctors should have proper medical records which they can rely on when accessing the patient’s health condition so as to determine the best possible action and evaluate the best treatment options when moving forward. Its also acts as a reference for the treatment options the patients have been subjected and the strategies applied and also helps the doctor to monitor the patient’s progress or complications which may arise as a result of medical administration.

  • Ensures there is constant communication throughout the facility

Since doctors and other health professionals are not monitoring the patient’s health situation, nurses and other supporting staff are mandated to take care of the patient and ensure he/she is accorded the recommended treatment. Having accurate medical records in the entire facility will ensure all health professionals have access to those records which will enable them to ensure the patient is well taken care of and will prevent further complications.

HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is a very important element in any healthcare facility. It has led to the revolutionizing of record keeping in most health centers. Proper record keeping ensures the patients receive proper care. They can also be used for legal purposes in case of a legal complication filled against a particular medical provider.

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