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The Reasons To Change Body Composition

If you are reading this article, it means that you are feeling the need to change your body composition. It’s excellent. But have you ever thought about the reasons to change body composition?

Most people start off with simple goals like: “I want my body to be like that actor.” With this goal in mind, you think of many ways to achieve it. You can decide to undergo plastic surgery like body contouring or have a healthy lifestyle. How will you achieve your goal? How will you know that you have hit the bull’s eye?

So it is important to know why people change body composition. The reasons and the motivations for this goal can vary from person to person. Body composition is a way of describing what the human is made of. In general terms, it may consist of protein, fat, water and muscle mass.

  1. Why do you want to lose fat?

The athletes and the actors are the ones who are most visible in terms of their level of weight loss. Their goal is to change the composition of their body to a level required for competition and acting purpose. The film actors want to lose fat to either fit into the character. While the athletes tend to benefit from lighter body composition because with the less mass, they can move faster. As far as the common people are concerned, they want to lose fat just to make it to a specific weight class.Change Body Composition

  1. Why do you want to gain fat?

In most cultures, it would be a little strange for an individual to want to gain fat specifically. But there are some exceptions. Athletes such as bodybuilders and sumo wrestlers, carrying extra fat may actually be beneficial as it can provide protection against other heavier men and can show hidden muscles. Those individuals who are unhealthily underweight might also feel the need to gain weight.

You might also be wondering how body composition is measured. Many fitness centers use skinfold calipers. They also use monitors and Tanita scales. A very high tech method such as DEXA Scan is also available.

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