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Get To Know The Nose Job For Wide Nose

The nose is considered the most noticeable feature of the face and even contributes to the uniqueness, so many people decide by the nose. While there are those who wish to have nose surgery to create a bridge or extend and elevate the tip of the nose, others want to do so to reduce their nasal profile. There is a wide range of shapes and sizes when it comes to the nose, so you can not just want a “type” of the nose.


nose afterThe purpose of the nose job for the full nose is to balance the different aspects of the nose to create a smaller profile. It may be necessary to extract the tip, the spine and the deflector at the same time. Because the nose, which focuses on reducing the nose unnecessarily or individually unwanted, is a three-dimensional problem, it is essential to be able to see the possible surgical results from different points of view: computer visualization and precise consultation are an ideal solution. Methods that can be used to reduce the nose include decreased bone and nasal cartilage, inferior nasal cartilage and nose cutting, open nose job for wide nose surgery, submucosal resection of the septoplasty and shortening of the nose.

Bridge “Shaving”

In some procedures, the bones and cartilage are removed or modified by incisions in the nasal passages. The skin on the outside of the nose remains at rest and, finally, shrinks to a new shape. To maintain the proportions of their functions, a minimal incision in the skin may be required to reduce the number of nasal passages.

nose jobReduction of the nasal cavity.

In some cases, the base is more extensive than desired, and it may be necessary to reduce the nasal passages. This occurs more often between treatments of ethnic rhinoplasty. The surgeon can remove the wedge of tissue from the nasal passages from the area of the nostril. The reduction of the nasal passages can also be achieved due to the nasal passages, where it connects to the cheek; however, if a scar occurs, it will be more vulnerable. As a general rule, the shrinkage of the nasal passages consists of narrowing the nasal passages, minimizing the length of the lateral walls of the nasal passages and, ultimately, producing small nasal passages.

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