Essentials of Using Portable Dental Unit With Compressor

Essentials of Using Portable Dental Unit With Compressor

Improving your dental practice by upgrading your equipment and going mobile isn’t an easy task for everyone. There are many requirements, documents, and papers needed to finish before acquiring a portable dental unit with a compressor. If you’re looking for a reason to buy one, be sure to commit yourself to maintain the item. No matter what your reason is for buying, you need to know the essentials of having this type of dental unit. Are you looking to buy a portable dental unit soon? You may want to visit to browse online products that are fit for your dental practice.

Components of a Portable Dental Unit With Compressor

A sensible way to guarantee a safe and cost-worthy portable dental unit with a compressor is to check its components. A dental professional who wants to get his or her own mobile dental care needs a list of items for the unit. Here are some of the vital component details and its uses. Normally, wholesale retailers or warehouses let you test the products themselves. Make sure that you are getting certified true and avoid buying these units for cheaper prices. Some of the qualities that you compromise may invalidate your credibility and reputation in your dental career.

Air tank

Air tanks are part of the portable dental unit that stores compressed air for cleaning and other dental uses. The tank is usually stainless steel and made by mold either by welding or other metal combining process. There should be protection against the air leaking as well. Some air tanks are also made out of plastic or aluminum.

Foot pedal and controlling

In some dental clinics, foot pedals are used with controllers to monitor the speed or torque of dental handpieces. Some scalers are also attached to these foot pedals so more than likely will your foot pedal be multifunctional. Check if your foot pedal and controls are working properly and try it out before buying.


The intensity of the suction is vital in these portable dental units. The dental professional needs to operate it together with the handpiece. Measure the time it takes to suck a cup of water to see how efficient the suction power is.

Air compressor

The best component that a dental unit must have are air compressors. Packed with high quality, this compressor is oil-less and silent. Some compressors have shock absorbers as well located near its bottom.

Reach People Without Dental Service

The Need For Portable Dental Unit With Compressor On Dental Care Deprived Countries

The world’s population is still increasing every day. With every increase, there is also a higher demand for dental service. Oral hygiene is still inaccessible for many countries without access to better oral care professionals and facilities. According to the World Health Organization, there is 1 Dentistry personnel for every 1000 population. That goes to show that people still need dental service not just in the local community but around the world. There is hope for dental professionals who want to help through non-profit organizations or local government.

How It Helps Patients and Dental Practitioners

With this kind of dental accessibility, more people are able to get the best dental service that they can get even by staying at home. Communities that need dental service may benefit from mobile dental care just like mobile hospitals as well. If you are a dentist in this field, you may opt to buy one to expand your career. Get the best portable dental unit with a compressor from trusted companies for better quality.

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