Recovery Time For Breast Reduction
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Recovery Time For Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery is mainly done to reduce the large size breast to create a better and attractive breast shape. The recovery time for breast reduction is a crucial factor in the decision-making process for a prospective patient.

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Basically, breast reduction surgery is considered as one of the safest procedures, and most patients heal well and quicker with no complications. Note that this surgery doesn’t involve the removal of the muscle. The whole procedure entails removal of skin, breast tissue, and fatty tissue that lead to a smooth recovery.

When the patient receives a successful surgery, they are given a week off work. On a similar note, patients are instructed to put on a surgical bra for a period of four to six weeks after the procedure to optimize healing.

What to expect after Breast Reduction Surgery

You should expect the following during the first two weeks of procedure:

  • You’ll be advised to take pain and antibiotics medication.
  • You’ll be given clear instructions about dressing and caring for the wound.

Additionally, you’re required to restrict your daily activities. Patients need to do this by avoiding any strenuous task that may involve chest and shoulder movement for the first four weeks. But under normal circumstance, patients can resume lighter activities immediately after the surgery.

Recovery Time For Breast ReductionJust like other surgeries, breast reduction surgery requires a bit of attention to recover in a short time possible. The patient may experience breast tenderness or swelling immediately after the surgery. Although there might be some pain for the first few days due to the slight movement, this can easily be controlled by the pain medications prescribed by the doctor.

Most often dissolving stitches are used, and any form of sutures that may need trimming is done in the first post of a visit. The patient should not be worried about the red and raised scarring, though it may be itchy and feels like a cord. However, it’s just a matter of time before it gradually lightens away. It usually takes a period of about twelve months to fade away completely.

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