Why Do You Need To Keep Important Records Before A Medical Checkup
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Why Do You Need To Keep Important Records Before A Medical Checkup?

After a screening test or a laboratory examination, you may wonder where do the results go afterward. All hospitals, public or private, and even clinics should always give you a copy of your results. Furthermore, doctors can indicate which prescription medicine you can take by providing medical notes. Hence, private documents such as a medical or dental x-ray result are important records to keep. Medical records are not solely limited to a physical checkup. You can call Good Choice Dental in Burwood, NSW today to see why dental records are similar important records with medical records. Take an in-depth look at how both patients and clinical medical facilities should be careful with protecting medical records.

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What Does The Medical Secretary Do?

A medical secretary is essential to the smooth functioning of the offices of doctors, hospitals, and medical laboratories. Their duties usually include taking the patient medical histories, scheduling appointments, ordering supplies, and keeping records. Like any other who work in the healthcare support careers, the work they do is key to the functioning of any particular facility which provides the patient care. They interact with a public in the entire day, scheduling appointments, greeting patients, and taking phone calls. If you want to know more, Click here!