The Purpose Of Dental Charting
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The Purpose Of Dental Charting

Dental charting refers to the process whereby your dentist will be able to describe and list the health of your gums and teeth. Periodontal charting is one of the standard procedure s of the dental chart where six measurements are taken for every tooth. Mapping can be done when you go for dental checkups, and it’s a graphic method that you can use to organize every information concerning your dental health. Visit to know more about dental charting and how it works.

The dental chart that your dentist will be able to produce can be done in various forms such as pictorial and graphical. This chart will be able to show every tooth that you have in your mouth and must have some spaces which are used for making short notes concerning the condition of your gums and teeth.

While the dentist is conducting the dental charting process, some essential, tools are needed such as a dental mirror, explorer, periodontal probe. In addition to this excellent magnification and lighting are very important is one wants to get the best view of the oral cavity. The dentist must clean your teeth or ask you to clean then before starting the process of examination.

Dental ChartingThere are so many conditions which may be described in your dental chart, some of them are:

• Gum bleeding if it exists
• The strength of your teeth (if they are loose)
• How your teeth are attached to the gums?
• The dentist can indicate if you have any dental fillings, implants, bridges, and crowns
Teeth damage
• Any abnormalities that may exist in your teeth such as abrasions in your enamel or teeth, erosion, and rotations.
• Teeth decay
• Missing teeth
• The bleeding points during gum recessions and probing
• How deep your gums pockets are?

In addition to the above descriptions, the dentist must also include any future treatment plans, an actual treatment that’s needed, amount of plague that’s present and the skull type.

Dental charting is a critical process since it will enable your dentists to create a dental chart thereby able to organize any crucial information concerning your dental health. The dentist will be updating your dental table every time that your visit him/her for a dental check-up. This can be the best way of tracking your dental health so that in case you have any issues they can be solved at an early stage. If you have never gone to a dentist, then you must do so that your dental chart can be available for easy access.

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