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4 Types Of Bone Graft For Dental Implant

Bone graft is also known as bone augmentation, which is a bone-like material, added to the bone, to enlarge the bones. In the case of dental implants, the bone to be transplanted into the bone is the jaw bone. Bone enlargement uses one of four types of materials: When patients spend a lot of time without teeth, a bone graft will be needed, and bone reduction is significantly reduced. Advanced bone graft allows bone reconstruction. The jaw has been reconstructed through graft implants; it can be retained.there are mainly of 4 types of bone graft for dental implant: For more dental implant and other related dental inquires visit


Grafts are taken from the body of the same person. They are prepared at the site of the culture and implanted from the patient’s hip or mouth or where the depth and bone density are shallow. Since the bone is removed, the consistency of the patient is high, and the risk of rejection is low. The best result with the highest birth of bones occurs through this method.


If for some reason you are a suitable candidate for autografts, baits are made. In this technique, the bone is extracted from other human donors and manufactured in the mouth. Therefore, many tests are performed to match the compatibility. At the same time, the donor does not have any disabling disease. *

bone graftXenografts

This technique is harvested with bone animals. Humans go through many processes to make them compatible and build them at the implant site. Over time, your body will change it with healthy bones.

Alloplastic graft

They are bones made by man. Inert and artificial materials are used to create artificial bones. Over time, this bone becomes a natural framework for bone construction. Sometimes, the artificial absorbent bone is the place that is absorbed over time and the real bones of the body transform it.

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