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Side Effects of Dental Implants

One disadvantage of simply doing nothing if you suffer from tooth loss is that the ability to effectively
use the affected mouth side for the purpose of chewing is often greatly compromised. If you cannot effectively use both sides of your mouth for chewing then that means it will be hard to keep your teeth and jaw bones healthy and
functional. This is the reason why dental implants are preferred. But even with the dental implants benefits, a number of people are worried about getting dental implants because of the possible side effects.It’s true that dental
implants treatment involves minor oral surgery and with that there are possible side effects that are associated with the procedure. If you’re interested in getting your implants, you can read this post to learn how much it will cost you to get dental implants.

  • Pain

Pain is definitely a major dental implant surgery side effect and a patient will be able to feel facial pain around the area that’s treated, jaw pain and even within the gum tissue that’s around the incision site. Some oral surgeons do recommend over-the-counter medication or prescribe pain medication. Aspirin-free options medications are recommended as aspirin can cause bleeding problems after the minor surgery.

Usually, as your body heals the pain should decrease. In a case that the pain worsens or increases then that may be a possible sign of a complication or an infection that must be brought to the attention of your dentist implant pain

  • Swelling

In the healing process, swelling is often part of the process and usually occurs after surgery. Swelling may be seen in the facial tissue that’s on the side of your face where there’s a dental implant or occur in the gum tissue that’s around
the incision site. Like pain, swelling should also be able to decrease as your body heals. Placing an ice pack gently on the swelling area can help reduce swelling and of course ease pain.

  • Bruising

Bruising or discoloration may be noticed on jawline, gums and neck following the dental implants surgery. Usually the bruising is internal and should be able to fade within one or two weeks after surgery.

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