dental avulsion

All You Need To Know About Dental Avulsion

A dental avulsion occur when teeth are dislodged entirely from the socket. Immediate treatment action is necessary once the dental condition is recognized. Necrosis and hypoxia of the tooth pulp are the primary outcomes of dental avulsion. For the preservation of the periodontal ligaments, replantation is thus the primary purpose of having emergency care and Toothsome’s clinic in Chatswood provides emergency assistance for cases like this so you can pay them a visit if ever.

Assessing dental avulsion

• Injury mechanisms and other associated tissues injured
• The history of the previous crown injuries or the prostheses.
• Time since avulsion since permanent tooth avulsion can be a dental emergency that is requiring urgent tooth replacement from its socket.
• The swift of the avulsed tooth implantation determined the prognosis process.
• In case of a permanent tooth fragment, it will suggest that the dentist should further seek other missing tooth fragments at the injury site.

Examination of the injury site and the dental avulsion

• Maxilla and mandible bony steps dental avulsion
• TMJs
• Mouth symmetry
• Oral bruising extra numbness
• Tooth types whether the affected tooth is the temporally or the permanent tooth.
• Lips lift and any presence of oral mucosal or the gingival injury.
• Dental injury types
• The number of all the tooth lost and those fragmented.
• Injuries on the soft mouthparts

Permanent and primary tooth identification.

It is essential to clearly distinguish whether the affected teeth are the permanent or the primary tooth. For the primary teeth’s they are usually relatively small, flat edges, very white and mostly worn. Permanent teeth are relatively more abundant, jagged edges and deed cream in color.  At the ages of between 5 to 8 years is the most likely when permanent incisors erupt.

Orthopantomogram can be conducted in case of suspicion of mandible fracture. While CXR for an unconscious patient with trauma. It is recommended for the reinsertion done not many hours after the injury occurrence. Saline is essential for cleaning the tooth before storing in the medium. Patients are advised not to eat anything very hot or freezing.

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