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Do dental clinics offer service guarantee for treatment

They oversee dentists in the USA far less than any other branch of medicine. For a solitary dentist in his own practice who can give a guarantee of services he offers, his work is not often appraised by anyone. It becomes easy to suggest work needs doing that is really unnecessary.

James Quiggle of the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud has said that while the majority of dentists are ethical in their approach, there is still a lot more fraud than most people realize. When you consider there are roughly 190,000 practicing dentists in the USA that could mean a lot of fraud.

So what about guarantees?

The American Dental Association has strict rules about dental clinic adverts and does not permit the advert to include “Guaranteed unless it fully explains the limitations of such a guarantee. The advertiser should also specify where the full text of the guarantee can be read before any service purchase is made.

Very few dentists in the USA make a formal guarantee of their work. Since dentistry is often subjective (is this procedure really necessary?). It would be open to abuse. Some dentists do offer guarantees, but every single one I have found has so many loopholes as to be virtually worthless.

The Solution

service guaranteeFind a good dentist by asking friends, reading reviews, by third parties. Do not fall for any hard sell on a dental clinic website. Make your decision based on how satisfied users are. You will find that good dentist want happy clients and will correct anything they have clearly done badly, not because of some written guarantee but because it is simply good business.

If you do go to a dentist for the very first time, ask to see the x-rays and get a second opinion from another dentist. This way you can see if the dentist is piling on extra unnecessary treatments.

You can also seek advice from the American Dental Association.

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