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What are the Uses of Aspirin NSAID?

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Aspirin nsaid is a common over the counter anti-inflammatory drug that is mostly used to relieve pain. Aspirin nsaid is also used for fever reduction. This drug works by preventing the formation of a substance called prostaglandins. This is a chemical that is known to cause swelling, fever, blood clot and increased body pain. When our body produce too much prostaglandins, this might result to increased body pain, swelling and discomforts incase of an external injury. The following are the uses of aspirin nsaid:

1. It is used to prevent blood clot.

Blood clot is a very important process in our body. It prevents our body from excessive bleeding incase of an injury. On the other hand blood clotting can be very dangerous. If a clot forms on the inside of a vein, it might prevent smooth flow of blood to some important parts the body such as the heart. This might in turn cause heart attack, stroke and other more serious conditions. This over the counter drug is used to prevent blood clotting. In addition to that, Aspirin can be used in low doses by patients with stroke and heart attack to keep the conditions less serious.

2. Used to Relieve pain

Aspirin is majorly used to reduced all sorts of pains. It can be used together with other drugs to treat mild or severe pain. This includes, headache, stomachache, menstrual pain, muscle pain, common cold and other types of pain.

3. Used to reduce fever aspirin nsaid

When your body temperature is above the normal body temperature, you are simply experiencing fever. High fever can lead to shivering, cold or even sweating which might cause discomfort. In the case of fever, aspirin will work by preventing the formation of prostaglandin which is responsible for fever.

4. Prevent swelling

There are two types of swelling, internal and external swelling. External swelling might occur as a result of external injury such as an insect sting or a fall. Internal swelling might result from internal injury or it might be a side effect of other medications. Aspirin can help in treating swelling.

The above are some of the major uses of this non steroidal anti- inflammatory drug. Pain reduction, reducing fever, preventing blood clot and swelling are among the major used of this drug.

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