braces with missing teeth
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Braces with Missing Teeth

The use of braces is commonly being embraced across the world following its effectivity. In fact, it still works perfectly for both adults and children without teeth. However, you need to work with a qualified dentist if you want to have braces with missing teeth in order to avoid any possible risk. If you wish to correct your teeth issues dicreetly you should consider clear braces. Learn more about clear braces by visiting this link.

Who is the right candidate for braces?

Your dentist will analyze your teeth condition before recommending the best way to have the braces implemented. When braces are used on children, the right precautions must be put in place since their dental structure is still under development and is expected to change after some time. Sometimes braces are used on the children’s teeth to allow the right spacing and development of adult teeth. Not all children will enjoy the natural development of teeth and may experience missing teeth making it necessary for the use of braces.

On the other hand, adults with missing teeth can still enjoy braces for correction purposes. Braces can be a great relief to any adult with missing teeth as it eliminates most of the possible effects relating to missing teeth. The braces are used on the missing teeth as it can cause the following problems on the dental structure following the gap that will exist. braces with missing teeth
•Teeth shift.
•Change of bite.
•Bone loss.
Teeth wear and strain.

Getting started on having braces with missing teeth

Different ways to have braces on the missing teeth have been developed and may vary from one dental patient to the other. Orthodontic treatment and teeth replacement are some of the ways that can be implemented when you are missing your teeth. When braces are used, the results can be evident to all.

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