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What Causes Nasal Congestion

Are you tired of nasal congestion? The blockage of the nose or obstruction of the nasal passages is one of the common complaints heard by doctors from their patients which causes nasal congestion. For most people, the clogging of the nose is annoying and uncomfortable. However, other people suffer from nasal congestion problems that can affect their lives.

Nasal infections

Most adults suffer from the common cold at least two to three times a year. School-age children are more likely to develop the common cold, but they gradually decrease when developing immunity in adulthood. In fact, there are many viruses that cause colds. Some are suspended in the air while others are infected with the nose.
Viral infections are less likely to allow the nose to resist new bacterial infection. Therefore, most people suffer from nasal or sinusitis immediately after a cold. It is an infection. When the cold mucus changes from clear to yellow or green; you need to visit a doctor. In acute sinusitis, there is strong nasal congestion with thick mucus flow depending on severe nose pain and pressure sensitivity.

Congenital causes

There are other causes of congestion and chronic sinusitis, including structural deformities of the nose or barrier, and a thin piece of cartilage and bones between the sides of the nasal cavity. Deformities of this type usually result from the nature of the nose infection. You may have suffered a child injury, and you do not know that something has happened. Believe it or not, malformations, such as those that cause breakage of the barrier or other structural problems, are very common and a typical cause of symptoms of chronic overuse.

Nasal allergies

Other causes of stasis include allergies, such as hay fever, or other allergic reactions. The typical conservatism of a foreign substance, such as dust, pollen, mold, pet hair, and other irritants, is an excessive inflammation and accumulation of mucus in the nasal cavity. Food allergies can also cause congestion problems.

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