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In the dentistry word, it’s also known as orthodontia. It majorly focuses on the prevention and correction of malpositioned teeth and jaws after diagnosis. It’s characterized by poor alignment and therefore cannot be categorized as a disease. Poorly aligned teeth can be corrected in a few months, but extreme cases of jaws could take a great deal of time it, therefore, requires patience and trust of the practitioner (orthodontist), as a dental practitioner can identify the need for braces.

Method of treatment

orthodontic headgearDetecting the problem and its depth is critical in treating the deformities; majorly this depends on the patient’s expectations on the result. However, advice from the specialist is also put into consideration. After both the expertise and patient considerations’ the mode of treatment is agreed upon and either a single method or a combination is used.

The method could range from simple braces for teeth to more complicated tools including but not limited to a reverse pull facial mask and a special orthodontic headgear. The two later mentioned tools work either by hindering or promoting growth. The growth face of a particular patient matters a lot it, therefore, should be used in patients that are still growing and not adults whose skeletal bones have matured. However, that’s not the end for the elderly who crave for correction, Dental surgery
for the can be a solution.

The use of fixed appliances has been proven to be more efficient as compared to the temporarily removable devices. These appliances are responsible for moving teeth in a three-dimensional plane. Examples of these appliances include brackets, orthodontic bands, and archwires to mention a few. The above three mentions have a particular specification for various functions, and they, therefore, come in different varieties.

Therapy is also used for treatment which is either surgical or non-surgical.the later uses vibration forces of vibration for treatment. The time taken for correction for the former is shorter and comes with comfort. Some risks come with such treatments are a loss of bone and periodontal support, root Resorption and soft tissue injury. In conclusion Treatment of malformation is time and age sensitive it
, therefore, should be detected early enough and corrective measures are taken.


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