How to get a nose job for free
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How to get a nose job for free?

Rhinoplasty is one of the most performed plastic surgeries, just in 2018 approximately 213,780 people got a nose job in the US, making it the third most popular cosmetic surgery. Rhinoplasty changes the shape and size of the nose permanently, it can be performed for health reasons, like having a septal deviation, internal valve collapse, birth defects or to repair a traumatic damage, but normally is performed for cosmetic reasons. Many patients are looking for online promotions for cheaper surgery.

Having a proportionate nose can dramatically change your face, and moreover, enhance your other facial features. For many people getting a nose job is something crucial to boost their self esteem and feel better about their image. Sometimes the obsession of wanting the perfect nose can make us take desperate choices: A few months ago in the UK, a woman faked depression to get a nose job paid by the NHS (National health service).

The nose job is not only one of the most wanted cosmetic surgeries, but also one of the most expensive. The cost starts at $6.000 and can go all the way up to $15.000.

Maybe you are looking to get a nose job, but the price is out of your budget. You are probably wishing with all your heart to get it free, but unfortunately the posibilites of that happening are very small, however, we are going to tell you some situations that will show you how to get a nose job for free.

These situations are covered by insurance:How to get a nose job for free

This situation will give you the nose job at a very low cost:

  • Some residency training programs at many university hospitals will perform plastic surgeries with a significant discount, just make sure there will be a board-certified rhinoplasty surgeon supervising the entire surgery.

As you can see, there is no easy way to get a free nose job, however, if you really want it, find a board-certified plastic surgeon who is part of the ASPS (American society of plastic surgeons). The doctor will evaluate your nose, tell if you are an ideal candidate and discuss with you the goals of the procedure.

Make sure you are being emotionally mature and realistic about the results of the surgery and talk with him about financing options.

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