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Home Care Medical Supplies Assist Immobile Patients

As people get older, they become less stable on their feet. It’s harder for them to bathe and shower, but it’s also often a matter of pride to be able to do so whenever possible. For seniors and those who have recently suffered injuries or surgery, using a bath chair or shower stool is a safer method of bathing. If mobility is limited, other accessories may be installed or added to the patient’s bathroom to limit the risk of falling. These specially designed devices can be purchased from home care medical supplies. If the patient is not sure what to buy or what is most beneficial, consult his doctor. You should use items specially made for the bathroom, shower or bath. Home medical equipment exposed to water will not rust or be damaged. Visit this site homedoctorsgoldcoast.com.au/ to know more home medical equipment you can use.

Shower chair

There are a variety of shower chairs in the market. They allow the user to sit while bathing comfortably. This is especially helpful for people who rely on strollers, walking sticks and crutches. Different styles work for different patients. For example, the stool has no arms and does not fit a normal shower chair, whereas chairs with arms are helpful to those who need additional assistance in getting in and out.

Depending on the size and capabilities of a person, the arms can stand in the way of bathing. A bench is longer than a stool and provides more space to support your feet for cleaning, rinsing or shaving your legs. Shower chairs should be fitted with non-slip tips on the bottom of the legs to prevent movement and damage to the tub or shower surface. Some models have leveling feet to prevent them from tipping over.Home Care Medical

Bathtub Bars & Grab Bars

If you have something to grab when getting in and out of the bathtub, you may slip and avoid injury. Use different types of rails with one or two levels. They can be long and over the edge of the tub, or mounted in the wall, shower or bath to calm the person while maneuvering in the bathing area. These home-care products are often available in stainless steel or a specially treated, white-coated rod. Both are effective and are a matter of personal taste and how well they combine with the bathroom decor.

Bathroom accessories

One of the most popular bath utensils in home medicine is the hand shower head. It allows the user to maneuver the water over them instead of trying to move under the water. For people with reduced mobility, bathing makes bathing more comfortable and safer. A variety of bath mats and shower mats provide features such as a thermal bath or slip and fall protection.

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