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How Much Is the Salary for Medical Transcriptionist?

Medical Transcription is rapidly becoming one of the most appealing jobs. Why may you ask? Well, a career in medical transcription is an excellent work from home job and a respectable profession which can be launched in under a year, as little as four months. The only necessary qualification needed to start training is a high school diploma.

The financial aspect of any career may play a crucial part in your decision to pursue it. Rest assured! The bureau of labor statistics states that on average, the medical transcriptionist earns $30.000 a year, with the average salary fluctuating between the paid typists based on productions levels. The medical transcription salary isn’t the only perk, as discussed before the handiness of working from the comfort of your home is both rare and beneficial. Furthermore, the flexibility provided by the job is highly appealing to anyone with other commitments, looking to get by.

To become a medical transcription, you’ll need specific equipment, including:

  • A computer or laptop
  • A quality headset
  • Writing software such as Microsoft Word
  • A foot pedal
  • Audio software (to make your work easier – fast forwards or plays back anything you’ve missed.)
  • A transcription foot pedal (which goes with your audio software – allows you to playback, fast forward and more with the tap of a foot)

Once you have gathered the necessary equipment, you must enroll in a medical transcription course, which is entirely online. Without completing the course, it would be incredibly difficult to secure a job.

medical transcription salaryThe online course, particularly the qualification provided by the career step, is incredibly useful. Cultivated by experienced transcriptionists (with over 20 years of experience) it prepares you for everything you need to know to become a medical transcription or editor, all for a one time fee. With the course, being online, you are prompted to work at your own pace, allowing you to assimilate this into your daily schedule tailored to your personal needs.

A final note on this matter is that a medical transcription salary is on average $30.000, which is quite substantial when you weigh in other perks and factors. Medical transcriptions are professional typist who works in the healthcare industry and is a career experience increased demand.

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