Cheap Breast Augmentation

Why You Should Not Consider Cheap Breast Augmentation

Price should not be the deciding factor in choosing which surgeon or medical facility will handle your cosmetic procedure. Look for competence and a sterling reputation. Bargains belong in the department store, not in medical institutions.

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Here are reasons not to consider cheap breast augmentation.

Board Certification

This should be the first thing you look for in a surgeon before allowing them to cut into you. Your surgeon should be certified by a board chosen by the ABMS, the American Board of Medical Specialties. Certification from these boards will not ensure a perfect surgery, but it will ensure that your surgeon has undergone specialized training and serious education. A competent surgeon will certainly cost more than an inexperienced surgeon, but the odds for a successful surgery with minimal complications will lie with the more qualified surgeon.

Hidden fees

Many facilities will offer inexpensive breast augmentation to entice clients. What they may be leaving out is the fact that breast augmentation requires anesthesia, operative care before and after the surgery, operating room charge and the like. Each of which requires a fee on their own which adds up to a bigger breast augmentation price. Facilities who trick you this way will also be more likely to overcharge you with additional fees.

Cheap Breast AugmentationLow Standards

The United States Food and Drug Administration test and examine specific types and brands of implants to determine which of these are allowed for surgical use. Cheap breast surgery may not be approved by the FDA. If you are planning to travel to other countries to get cheaper surgeries, then at least make sure that their government imposes strict regulations on the use of safe breast implants. With third world countries, the assurance in getting high-quality implants is less.


Competent surgeons through training and practice leave minimal scars. Choosing a surgeon for a lower fee could mean the surgeon is new or unskilled. This type of surgeon will more likely leave a bigger and more visible scar. Since breast augmentation is usually for aesthetic reasons, then massive scarring will be not only a blow to your self-esteem but also a waste of money on scar treatments.

Corrective Surgery

Drooping, leaking, sagging and rippling implants are more likely to happen with a cheap breast augmentation that has not been FDA approved. This can be fixed by corrective surgery which will ultimately cost so much more than the standard breast implant fee you have tried to avoid.

Breast augmentation is a big deal. Looking for one that fits your budget may be a major consideration but be sure to pay normal fees. Cancel five other credit cards or travel coach, but never get cheap surgery. It isn’t worth the savings.

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