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All About Removable Prosthodontics

Prosthodontics is a very broad branch in the field of Dentistry that is still divided into subcategories. Originally, it is derived from the term “prosthesis” which means an artificial part. One branch is known as removable prosthodontics. Melbourne East Prosthodontics in Kew emphasized how important this branch is especially to those who’ve been recommended by their dentists with this kind of replacement.

Removable prosthodontics talks about replacement of the oral cavity’s soft tissues and teeth with a temporary kind of prosthesis. As its name states, it can be removed. This is famously known as dentures. It can replace a specific group of spaces on the tooth area, or, it can replace the entire arch of teeth, depending on the patient’s case.

If they are removable, you might be wondering how they are attached without the risk of falling. Once again, this depends on the type of denture that the patient is wearing. Various elements are used to make sure that the denture is secured.

For complete dentures, a seal is usually formed against a palate. It becomes more functional with the wearer’s saliva as it helps significantly with the sealing. On the other hand, partial dentures are secured by their own design. There are partial dentures with metal base attached accompanied by tiny clasps. These materials help sit the dentures on the arch the prevent dislodgment.

There are also cases when the denture will get help from the other parts of the teeth to secure itself on the arch. The dentist may place small magnets on the roots of those worn teeth. Nevertheless, the patient himself or herself plays a big role in managing the teeth.

removable prosthodontics

Many people believe that designing and constructing dentures is a walk in the park. Technically, it’s not. It’s actually the exact opposite. Creating dentures requires high level skill and lots and lots of training to perfect this ability.

The dentist must be well-trained enough in designing and customizing the patient’s denture, making sure that each area plays a vital role in the patient’s teeth. On the other hand, the technician in the prosthodontic lab should be skilled enough to create the design and making sure that his hands will not make a single mistake. Otherwise, he goes back to square one.

The patient may need to visit the dentist several times before a complete denture will be created. There are cases where the laboratory setup is situated on the chair side of the dental clinic. This will make the processing quicker. Although, it still depends on how accurate the designing would be. Repeat procedures would always extend the treatment process.

Be informed that dentures are more than just replacements to gums and teeth. In fact, they can also function to plug huge defects which are created during surgical procedures, or when the patient suffered from a trauma.

Removable dentures can also act as cover to the production of those gingival veneers. This is a good idea since it can serve as a good replacement in lieu to surgery.

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