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Physiotherapist vs Physical Therapist – Knowing the Differences

It has always been a question until today regarding the differences between physiotherapist vs physical therapist. Individuals who experience pain in one or more parts of their bodies would usually get confused. Which health professional should I visit? Am I seeking the right provider? At you can find various specialties which can help you distinguish differences of each. Or, you can continue reading this article.

So what’s with physiotherapist vs physical therapist that confuses patients visiting therapy clinics? Here’s a shocking reality – there is actually no difference between the two professions as both are exactly the same. In fact, you can use the two terms interchangeably. That’s because they are synonyms.

Nevertheless, if you really want to differentiate the two, that’s also possible.

The place or the country to where you’ll be visiting this professional has their own preference on what they want to call it. In European countries, Canada and Australia, the people prefer to call this health provider as a physiotherapist. But in most states in America, netizens call him or her as a physical therapist, with some occasional exceptions.

According to some medical practitioners, physiotherapy focuses more on the manual type of therapy. Specifically, the health provider assists in the management of the patient’s injury through a hands-on approach. This can include stretching, fascial release, joint mobilization and many more.

However, there are also those health care providers who contradict the abovementioned theory. According to this group, physiotherapy is more of an exercise-based method. This method includes providing the right instructions to patients on how to exercise to promote muscle strengthening, doing activities to sharpen coordination as well as engaging to exercises to improve balance.

As mentioned above, the fact is that the terms physical therapist and physiotherapist can be used intephysiotherapist vs physical therapistrchangeably, though it’s recommended to choose the term that’s usually used in the region to where you are situated. Most clinics in the United States opt for the name physical therapist.

Be informed though that both terms define a professional that has a medical background that focuses on the prevention of minor and major injuries. Moreover, the provider is also trained to improve the flexibility of the patients and how to manage acute pain, which is the kind of pain experienced when the person suffers an injury.

Both physical therapist and physiotherapist manage patients who have suffered various kinds of injuries. The most common of these would be neck and back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and other tendon and ligament issues, sports injuries, accident injuries and joint immobility.

But aside from those who suffered from injuries, these health care providers also focus on patients with chronic conditions. With this case, the provider would implement lifestyle modifications to the patient. Such modifications include quitting smoking, modifying diet, and promotion of non-strenuous physical activities.

If you are in need of this professional, it’s best to look for the clinic nearest to your location. Find a physical therapy clinic that includes treatment methods on manual-based and exercised-based approach. Perhaps this professional is the answer you’ve been looking for to address your acute or chronic pain.

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