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Autologous Fat Transfer: Is it Worth Considering?

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Autologous Fat Transfer: Is it Worth Considering?

Autologous fat transfer, also called, fat grafting is emerging as a new technique in the world of surgery. It involves a transfer of fat from areas with excess fat such as outer thighs or abdomen into areas that lack volumes such as breasts, face or buttocks. The integration of the person’s own transplanted fat to other body parts into host tissues and the ability of the integrated fat to attain long-lasting correction make it an ideal procedure with best results.

Here are some of the important benefits of this cutting-edge procedure.

No side effects

Most of the surgeries come with certain side effects. However, fat grafting doesn’t leave any ill effects on the health of the patient. On the contrary, the procedure leaves long-term positive impacts and allows you to correct the deformity in the best possible manner.

autologous fat transferExcellent outcomes

Many folks opt for cosmetic surgeries to fix their appearance and other abnormalities. However, very few of them get the desired results from the surgery. Some patients even encounter a series of problems after the procedure. Fat grafting, on the other side, generates excellent outcomes with maximum success rate.


Opting for surgeries is an expensive affair. However, fat grafting is a budget-friendly procedure. Even people with a tight budget can reap the perks of fat grafting without breaking their bank account.

Lacking volume on buttocks, face or breasts can be really pressing for any individual. However, it’s possible to get rid of such conditions through autologous fat transfer. Excellent results, no side effects, affordability, etc are a few of the benefits of this innovative surgical procedure. For these reasons, many people turn to fat grafting to harvest these diverse benefits. If you wish to correct any of your facial or breast deformities, turn to a reliable surgeon to get the best results for your condition.

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Why You Should Not Consider Cheap Breast Augmentation

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Why You Should Not Consider Cheap Breast Augmentation

Price should not be the deciding factor in choosing which surgeon or medical facility will handle your cosmetic procedure. Look for competence and a sterling reputation. Bargains belong in the department store, not in medical institutions.

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Here are reasons not to consider cheap breast augmentation.

Board Certification

This should be the first thing you look for in a surgeon before allowing them to cut into you. Your surgeon should be certified by a board chosen by the ABMS, the American Board of Medical Specialties. Certification from these boards will not ensure a perfect surgery, but it will ensure that your surgeon has undergone specialized training and serious education. A competent surgeon will certainly cost more than an inexperienced surgeon, but the odds for a successful surgery with minimal complications will lie with the more qualified surgeon.

Hidden fees

Many facilities will offer inexpensive breast augmentation to entice clients. What they may be leaving out is the fact that breast augmentation requires anesthesia, operative care before and after the surgery, operating room charge and the like. Each of which requires a fee on their own which adds up to a bigger breast augmentation price. Facilities who trick you this way will also be more likely to overcharge you with additional fees.

Cheap Breast AugmentationLow Standards

The United States Food and Drug Administration test and examine specific types and brands of implants to determine which of these are allowed for surgical use. Cheap breast surgery may not be approved by the FDA. If you are planning to travel to other countries to get cheaper surgeries, then at least make sure that their government imposes strict regulations on the use of safe breast implants. With third world countries, the assurance in getting high-quality implants is less.


Competent surgeons through training and practice leave minimal scars. Choosing a surgeon for a lower fee could mean the surgeon is new or unskilled. This type of surgeon will more likely leave a bigger and more visible scar. Since breast augmentation is usually for aesthetic reasons, then massive scarring will be not only a blow to your self-esteem but also a waste of money on scar treatments.

Corrective Surgery

Drooping, leaking, sagging and rippling implants are more likely to happen with a cheap breast augmentation that has not been FDA approved. This can be fixed by corrective surgery which will ultimately cost so much more than the standard breast implant fee you have tried to avoid.

Breast augmentation is a big deal. Looking for one that fits your budget may be a major consideration but be sure to pay normal fees. Cancel five other credit cards or travel coach, but never get cheap surgery. It isn’t worth the savings.

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Achieving Your Dream Nose Through Nose Job

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Achieving Your Dream Nose Through Nose Job

Since the boom of plastic surgery, at the beginning of this millennium, people, most of the female gender. They stopped worrying about the aesthetic differences between them and they found a science of a super advanced medicine that builds surgical foundations to mold the face, be it for personal self-esteem or to reduce the facial impact or the consequences of some horrible accident. The myths about human intervention in God’s designs on our appearance stopped putting forward the noble and dedicated desires of the people for simply looking good. Book an appointment with the Brisbane Rhinoplasty experts to achieve your dream nose.

Nose JobOne of the most practiced procedures within the guild is rhinoplasty (from the Greek rhinos, which means nose and horn. The unfortunate genetic dispositions were found in the 21st century with real artists of the skin, bones and cartilage, and their nose skills of sculptural quality. Rhinoplasty is today a general ambulatory procedure. Most of the times relatively simple and without memory of scar, if the professional determines after the pertinent studies, the reach to the area affected by the nasal cavities (closed rhinoplasty), which nowadays turns out to be a safer practice and reliable thanks to advances in technology.

There are a little more complex diagnoses that definitely require more time in the operating room and the use of the scalpel. These operations are known as open rhinoplasty because they require the incision in the middle of the nose to better access the bone and cartilage.

The beautification of your nose is a very affordable reality today. If you have thought to straighten some deviation of the tip your nose, correct protruding bulges in your partition or direct it better. Every day the passion for this job makes more doctors and better in universities and clinics and begin to touch the nose is a completely viable and natural decision that can increase your self-esteem and improve your interaction with your environment.

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Breast Reduction Surgery Scars

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Breast Reduction Surgery Scars

Breast reduction is when all or part of the breast is removed. There are two types of scar techniques, the long-scar technique which looks like a T, and the short-scar technique which has been proven to be not as effective as the long-scar technique but will bring the breast a cup-size down. The long-scar technique has an increased risk of scarring and being more noticeable because more incisions are made due to necessity. Sometimes sagging or the breasts not being the same size is the reason for the long-scar technique to be used and can create more scarring.

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Breast Reduction Surgery ScarsHow To Reduce Breast Reduction Surgery Scars Visibility?

Scars are raised bumps on the skin caused by scar tissue. Scar tissue is fibrous tissue which has stitched the tissues and skin back together and therefore is an off-color from the rest of the pigmentation of the skin. To start, it is usually dark red or pink, and then it fades in color, in some instances looking like a thin white line. If a person with darker skin has a breast reduction scar, it is most likely their scars will be more noticeable. Depending on the technique used during the breast reduction, scars can be hidden in the creases of the breast and torso, or by clothing.

There are scar removal procedures offered by doctors after patients have had breast reductions, and although it has been proven to be effective only a little, vitamin E can help reduce the visibility of scars because it helps strengthen the elasticity of the skin. There are factors which can make breast reduction scars worsen and become more visible, such as tanning and smoking, and patients who have had breast reduction surgeries should avoid these things so as not to irritate the scar tissue and make the scars more visible. Remembering to wear sunscreen on exposed skin, especially the areas where breast reduction techniques have been performed, is a great way to reduce the visibility of scars as well.

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Difference Between Cosmetic And Plastic Surgery

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Difference Between Cosmetic And Plastic Surgery

The difference between cosmetic and plastic surgery is not known by most people outside of the medical community. There are even those who interchange the two thinking they’re the same. The truth is these are two entirely different types of surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is done for aesthetic purposes while plastic surgery is done to reconstruct any body defects due to birth disorders or accidents. If you want to look perfect and undergo cosmetic surgery, you can visit this site www.drcosmeticsurgerymelbourne……..

Plastic surgery is an invasive procedure that replaces or repairs physically defective function or form of the body’s craniomaxillofacial structure, skin, musculoskeletal system, external genitalia, breasts, and hand extremities. There’re people who would like to undergo reconstructive surgery to correct any physical malformation of the body such as scar and laceration repair, removal of tumors and hand surgery.

Cosmetic surgery, on the other hand, is a procedure done on a normal body just to make it look better so that the person would feel more confident about herself. This is not a vital procedure that has to be treated like a life-threatening condition; it’s done because he or she just wants to appear more attractive. Celebrities, movie stars and TV personalities usually undergo this type of surgery, as they need to look perfect in front of the camera for their audience to see.

The difference between plastic surgery & cosmetic surgery can be discerned even more with this example. A sufferer of breast cancer has to undergo breast surgery to avoid health risks. This type of surgery is classified as plastic surgery. A woman who would like to have bigger or fuller breasts will have a breast augmentation to have the kind of breasts she wants for her to look and feel good about her body. This falls under cosmetic surgery.

There is also a difference between a plastic surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon. The former has to finish a medical degree and attend around a decade of postgraduate surgical training that includes 2-5 years of surgery and around 4 years in cosmetic plastic surgery training.

A cosmetic surgeon on the other hand just has to complete the usual medical degree. There is no law that states a doctor should have training in cosmetic surgery. They can then practice any specialty in cosmetic surgery even if they have not finished the training in that specific field. Many doctors have no training in surgery yet they perform cosmetic surgery procedures such as facelifts, liposuction and breast operations. Those who wish to make a career in this field should get training in surgery and apply for certification or license.

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