autologous fat transfer

Autologous Fat Transfer: Is it Worth Considering?

Autologous fat transfer, also called, fat grafting is emerging as a new technique in the world of surgery. It involves a transfer of fat from areas with excess fat such as outer thighs or abdomen into areas that lack volumes such as breasts, face or buttocks. The integration of the person’s own transplanted fat to other body parts into host tissues and the ability of the integrated fat to attain long-lasting correction make it an ideal procedure with best results.

Here are some of the important benefits of this cutting-edge procedure.

No side effects

Most of the surgeries come with certain side effects. However, fat grafting doesn’t leave any ill effects on the health of the patient. On the contrary, the procedure leaves long-term positive impacts and allows you to correct the deformity in the best possible manner.

autologous fat transferExcellent outcomes

Many folks opt for cosmetic surgeries to fix their appearance and other abnormalities. However, very few of them get the desired results from the surgery. Some patients even encounter a series of problems after the procedure. Fat grafting, on the other side, generates excellent outcomes with maximum success rate.


Opting for surgeries is an expensive affair. However, fat grafting is a budget-friendly procedure. Even people with a tight budget can reap the perks of fat grafting without breaking their bank account.

Lacking volume on buttocks, face or breasts can be really pressing for any individual. However, it’s possible to get rid of such conditions through autologous fat transfer. Excellent results, no side effects, affordability, etc are a few of the benefits of this innovative surgical procedure. For these reasons, many people turn to fat grafting to harvest these diverse benefits. If you wish to correct any of your facial or breast deformities, turn to a reliable surgeon to get the best results for your condition.

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