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Macrocytic Anemia Symptoms

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Macrocytic Anemia Symptoms

Normally the size of a red blood cell range between 80-100 femtoliters (fL), where as the size of macrocytic red blood cell is more than 100 fL. When the percentage of these macrocytic cells increases in the body, the overall count of red blood cells comes down. A low number of red blood cells indicates low amount of hemoglobin, a low amount of hemoglobin in turn indicates a low supply of oxygen to the cells. Such a complex condition is called Macrocytic Anemia or Vitamin Deficiency Anemia, as it is often caused by the deficiency of vitamin B 12 or Folate. To know about its underlying symptoms, check this article.

Macrocytic Anemia Symptoms

Macrocytic Anemia also develops gradually like any other type of Anemia, so it takes time to experience the symptoms. Symptoms often include

– Fatigue

– Loss of appetite or weight

– Glossitis

Shortness of breath macrocytic anemia symptoms

– Diarrhea

– Pale skin

– Exhaustion

– Depression

– Confusion

– Brittle nails

Sometimes you may experience symptoms like increased heart rate or memory loss, in such cases it is better to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Types of Macrocytic Anemia

Depending upon the causes, there are two types of Macrocytic Anemia, They are

  • Megaloblastic Macrocytic Anemia

This is the most common type and it often happens due to low production of DNA by red blood cells as a result of

– Folate deficiency

– Vitamin B 12 deficiency

– Usage of several types of drugs

  • Nonmegaloblastic Macrocytic Anemia

It is a rare type of Anemia and it is often caused by

Liver diseases

– Hyperthyroidism

– Alcoholism

Though vitamin deficiency is the prime suspect, an underlying cause may also be the reason for the condition, so it is not recommendable to neglect Macrocytic Anemia symptoms. Blood tests and lifestyle questionnaires are often the means to diagnose the condition.

Taking care of underlying causes will be the best form of treatment for Macrocytic Anemia. Having a balanced diet which includes foods like red meat and green leafy vegetables is very crucial to fill the vitamin deficiencies. Problems like Liver, Thyroid and Bone marrow disorders are to be taken care of. With utmost care and regular checkups, it is completely possible to cure the condition.

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Influence Of Future Medical Technology

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Influence Of Future Medical Technology

With quality health care taking center stage of most of the projects run by different countries, current and future medical technology are facing a lot of changes. The advancement in technology will enable massive changes through biotechnology, nanotechnology and the use of the computer in the health care sector. Today different sectors are coming together to integrate different available ways that will help deal with arising matters when it comes to medical technology.

Human body and technology have been computerized with the intelligence transferred to enable the scientific and technical integration. The future medical technology now focuses on areas with great influence on the human body such as:

  1. Computerized brain interface
  2. Advance robotics health care assistant.
  3. Digital drug delivery services
  4. Ant-aging drugs.
  5. Automated organ replacement.
  6. External artificial womb

This is likely to influence the number of years one is likely to live under the sun since health complication is one of the leading causes of death. Human reproduction is likely to take a different direction following the ability to set up and maintain baby growth through an external artificial womb.Future Medical Technology

The integrated health system will enable the connection of the human body system to the internet making it possible to have remote doctor checks. Total trips made to the health care centers is likely to reduce as health monitoring can be done remotely and organs status and functionality clearly identified.

Less and less organ transplant is likely to be experienced following the development of regenerative organ medicine. This will enable fresh development of different organs in the body after the original existing one has been affected. The existence of nanomedicine which is technology based will help handle high-risk diseases such as cancer, cell repair or any attacking viruses. Death will be optional in most of the cases as diseases will majorly be controlled by technology.

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