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The Four Ulcer Staging Categories

Ulcer is a common problem reported among bedded patients. Unconsidered pressure ulcers can give rise to many health risks in future life. But, this can be prevented if you give yourself enough medical attention. If you know anyone who can help you professionally, contact them today. Depending on the severity of ulcers, ulcers are classified into different staging categories. Here are the details of ulcer staging categories.

Stage 1

Stage 1 type pressure based ulcers are generally characterized by redness on skin surface. Apart from change in skin tone, affeced area will also have temperature variation from cool to warm. Temperature variation depends on the pressure change affecting on the body portion. Pain variation is another factor considered in stage 1 type pressue ulcers. Severity of pain varies according to the wound intensity. At times, stage 1 type ulcers may not be recognized in peole with dark colour complexion.

Stage 2

Pressurized ulcers which had created destruction in epidermis and dermis layers of skin can be classified in stage 2 type skin ulcers. Wound may appear glossy or dry according to type and intensity of injury. Skin tear can’t be put under this category. Skin injuries including certain kind of abrasions can be included in stage 2 form of ulcers. ulcer staging

Stage 3

Stage 3 type ulcers are more complicated than stage 1 and stage 2 type articles. In this type of ulcers, skin up to subcutaneous layer of body is damaged so as to form the shape of a crator. If left unconsidered, wound may not be healed by medicine in this case. Bone tissue under skin is not seen in stage 3 type of ulcer.

Stage 4

Stage 4 is the most dangerous form in ulcer staging categories. Wound can be deep in form here. Wound can be form up to bones. Damage in muscles, nerves and tendons are common in stage 4 type ulcers. Wound intensity depends on the type of injury and skin type of person. Destruction to skin, muscles and bones in areas like backside can take months to heal here.

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