Chipped Tooth Repair Dentist

Whenever you realize your teeth are chipped or has cracked it is good to look for a dentist to repair it. With a chipped tooth you may not feel any severe pain unless the chip is thick enough and it has affected the nerve in the tooth. When there is an exposed chipped tooth on the nerves, there is increased pain. The pain only comes when you are chewing or eating hot or very cold beverages and food. But what are the causes of broken or chipped tooth and why is it essential to seek for chipped tooth repair dentist.

Causes of chipped

· Wrong and bad bite- biting some hard things with your teeth can make them break, some foods like bones, ice cubes among other things.

· Cavities- cavities are teeth disease that can expose your teeth to chip.

· Improper hygiene– poor proper care of your tooth can make them vulnerable to many problems. They can make your enamel prone to break at any time.

· Hard Hit- this can include being hit on the face or mouth by something hard. It can make your teeth to crack.

· Bruxism- this is excessive tooth grind.

How a dentist can repair a chipped tooth

The repair and treatment of chipped teeth usually depend on where it has occurred, the extent to which it has damaged your teeth, among other factors.

The dentist can recommend filling the chipped teeth if it is a small chip. The procedure of doing this is so simple, and it does not take much of your time. It can be done in the dentist office without any severe complications.

Advanced therapy can be recommended to those teeth with acute and severe pain. This occurs typically when there is a significant break on the tooth. With those cases whereby the entire tooth has broken except the tooth root, you will be referred to endodontist expert.

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