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Best Transcription Jobs: What To Know And How To Become One?

The best transcription jobs may differ depending on a person’s skills and abilities. There are jobs for beginners and for those who already have sufficient experience. A transcriptionist needs to specialize in a specific field, like a dental assistant for the health industry. But then again, a person can still become a general transcriptionist. Let’s find out some more details about these jobs.


What is a Transcription Job?

Best transcription jobs include typing and listening to an audio file.A transcription job involves specialization in the documentation. It consists of listening to audio files and converting them into documents. Both beginners and experienced transcriptionists have undergone transcription training. Furthermore, it also requires patience.

Additionally, this job can cover various fields, such as transcribing audio files from legal and medical aspects. Other topics are also available depending on the scope of the transcription company. Several companies are offering jobs nowadays.

However, they cannot choose the quality of the recording. Aside from that, many categories are available under this job. For this reason, a person may also choose to work as a general transcriptionist.

Let’s discuss more specifically what transcription has according to its categories. You may see them below for you to understand each of them better.


4 Transcription Job Categories

The following are the primary categories when transcribing.

  1. General Transcription Services: This category involves academic research, audio memoirs, podcasts, business meetings, teleconferences, personal conversations, and other types that require a written reference.
  2. Legal Transcription: It involves depositions, court hearings, warrants, etc. These are primarily verbatim transcripts.
  3. Medical Transcription: Medical transcription jobs include physician notes, medical reports, x-rays, etc. It can also involve the review and editing of medical documents created using speech recognition technology.
  4. Law Enforcement Transcription Services: It includes transcribing witness and suspect interviews, jail calls, emergency calls, etc.

However, before you can transcribe any of these, do you have what it takes to become a transcriptionist? The next portion will give you an idea of the requirements you need to fulfill to become a good candidate for transcribing jobs.


How to Become a Transcriptionist?

What does it take to become a transcriptionist? Additionally, what are the requirements a person should secure if they want to get this job? Fortunately, this article has something to share about that. Here it goes!

  1. A transcriptionist requires patience. Why? Not all audio materials that your company will give you are of good quality and challenging to understand.
  2. Additionally, this job requires a good typist and a keen ear. Your typing speed should range in about 60 to 75 words per minute, with at least 98% accuracy.
  3. In this job type, computer skills are essential. The job may require researching, aside from downloading files. Word processing programs are also one of the tools you need to be comfortable with using.
  4. Language is also an essential item for this job. It should be both in colloquial and formal styles.
  5. Furthermore, a transcriptionist should also have excellent grammar and spelling skills. Besides that, a good knowledge of punctuations is a requirement as well.

Note: They recommend using apps or tools to check sentence construction, grammar, and spelling. Generally speaking, you’ll need a computer with a high-speed internet connection. Transcription software is also necessary. Additionally, you’ll need high-quality headphones and a foot pedal. All of them will increase your speed and production.


Best Transcription Jobs for Beginners and Pros

Several transcription companies are offering transcription work nowadays. Here are a few of the transcription companies you can look into. One of them could be the transcription company to work with you.

  • SpeakWrite
  • GMR Transcription
  • Transcript Divas
  • Speechpad
  • Averbach Transcription
  • Transcription Outsourcing LLC

Some of them base your rate per audio minute, per word, per audio hour, or line transcribed. Later on, you will know some information about how much a transcriptionist earns from this job.


Online Transcription Jobs From Home

Best transcription jobs include work at home setups.Best online transcription jobs are also available. An advantage that this job offer is that you can make money from home. Aside from that, transcription jobs online offer entry-level positions. These are the companies that hire newbie transcriptionists.

Generally speaking, most companies require applicants to take a short, simple transcription test as part of the initial assessment. You need to pass a transcription test to showcase your typing skills and attention to detail.


How Much Does a Transcriptionist Earn?

Being a newbie in this line of work, you might earn less than $45-50 per audio hour. Don’t feel down with this pay rate. Instead, please take it as your opportunity to build your transcription experience. Your salary will increase as your knowledge goes up.

In actuality, money as a transcriptionist in entry levels may cost around $15, while advanced transcriptionists earn around $25 to $30 per hour. You will get paid weekly via PayPal or through other payment tools.

When you work as a transcriptionist, you are free to select your working hours. You can work much or as little as you want per week. Moreover, some factors can affect the amount of money you may receive from this job.


Variables Affecting the Earnings of a Transcriptionist

The following are the factors that can affect your rate as a transcriptionist.

  • the company that hires you
  • the volume of work assigned to you
  • speed
  • skill levels and accuracy

Given this point, several companies choose to hire experienced transcriptionists. For this reason, it is indeed essential to gain experience as a beginner and accept the job even if they pay you a low salary.


The Complexity of Being a Transcriptionist

This job may sound easy to some. On the contrary, it is a kind of complicated job. It requires commitment and total involvement. Without these two, you cannot produce excellent work for your company. It is not enough that you pass the test. These transcription tests are simple only.

You can prove your transcription skills as you face the reality of this job. The audio file you will use may be of low quality, and you may spend long audio hours listening to it. Best transcription jobs may involve long hours to transcribe and pay you per audio minute. No work is easy.



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