after ivf transfer

Effects after IVF transfer

Infertility is a common issue for many people around the world. The various causes of infertility may be recognizable while at other times it might not be known. Embryo transfer is a simple procedure that follows in vitro fertilization procedure and is often considered the simplest and final step of the in IVF process. It is the type of embryo fertilization that is carried out in the lab and later on embryo transfer is carried out to facilitate conception.

This type of process has helped in solving both male and female infertility. It may be carried out for males who lack the ability to ejaculate properly and the women who lack the natural power to fertilize the eggs in their uterus. Do not be afraid of the pain after IVF procedure.

The following are some after effects of Embryo transfer;

Pain and menstrual cramps

Normally, Symptoms that may indicate the embryo is implanting in the wall of the uterus may be similar to those of menstrual cramps. The cause of these pains may be as a result of the increased level of hormones in accommodating the embryo.

It is important to consult with the physicians when experiencing these pains so that they may prescribe the right medication as well as inform you of the other possible side effects. Use of painkillers is usually discouraged as it may be harmful to the unborn child.

Hyper-stimulation syndrome

Hyper-stimulation syndrome occurs between four to five days of the implantation period, and this is where women experience both moderate or very severe pain and discomforts. Symptoms include abdominal swelling nausea and a bloated feeling. Hyper-stimulation syndrome is basically the period where the eggs begin to develop and enlarge, after ivf transfertherefore resulting in abdomen pain and discomforts. However, some women may not experience any kind of pain but rather discomforts.

Following a healthy diet

After IVF medication, patients are usually advised to eat healthily. Eating pineapples are recommended as the fruit usually contain an enzyme called bromelain which aid in reducing the inflammations. They also act as blood thinners that assist in implantation.

Green tea is also beneficial after this procedure as it contains antioxidant which prevents cellular damage that may result to any possible pain. These antioxidants also assist in making the eggs feasible.

The improvement of science in developing Embryo transfer has really helped many people become parents and enjoy the benefits of parenthood. Understanding this procedure is the first important step in reducing stress than infertile women experience. It is a safe procedure that guarantees good results if proper instruction and medication are followed.

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