Cracked front teeth
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Everything To Know About Cracked Front Teeth

Cracked front teeth are very common to many people as it is the second cause of teeth loss. Our teeth are built very strong, but at some point, they may break or crack due to various factors. A tooth will crack when excess force is applied to it maybe when biting something or when you fall accidentally on your face. A tooth may also crack when large fillings are applied as they will comprise the strength of the tooth making it crack. Cosmetic dentistry in one way to treat cracked teeth. Visit the cosmetic dentistry service in Adelaide clinic if you want to treat your teeth problem.

What are the symptoms of cracked front teeth?

Pain while chewing – When you experience pain on your front teeth while chewing then you may have a cracked tooth. Cracked teeth will have exposed nerves which will be very sensitive when these nerves come into contact with food particles you will experience an intense pain meaning that your teeth need to be checked and repaired.

Pain when cold air is applied on the teeth – If you have a cracked tooth you may encounter some pain, but it will be more intense when some cold drink or air is applied to it. If you encounter this make sure you get a professional to check your teeth as you may have some cracked teeth.

What should you do about cracked teeth?

Cracked front teethTeeth are a vital and sensitive body part that you cannot handle on your own. If you experience any signs of a cracked tooth, you should consult your dentist first. A dentist will determine what caused your tooth to crack and which the best way to treat it. A dentist will fill your broken teeth and smoothen them giving you the confidence you require to smile on the front of the people.

Repairing a cracked tooth is a very sensitive task that will require the expertise of a well-qualified dentist. In case you have a cracked tooth make sure it is repaired on time by consulting a professional.

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