stem cell dental implants

Stem cell dental implants: Are they possible?

Have you heard of stem cell dental implants? We all know that when it comes to finding the best missing teeth replacement procedure, nothing beats the stability and efficiency of dental implants. It is already a given that dental implants are the gold standard in restoring your smile following a tooth extraction. Let us discover all about stem cell dental implants, from what these are, how they work, and if these dental implants are better than the ones we are using today. For more information about dental implants,  contact and go to Infinity Dental’s clinic in Winston Hills.


Dental implants overview

As far as restorative dentistry and prosthodontics are concerned, dental implants are the best option among all missing teeth replacement appliances. They are permanent, natural-looking, surgically attached tooth replacements made of hard metal that look, function, and feel closest to man’s natural teeth. However, because all dental procedures still have room for improvements, complications and downsides of getting dental implants cannot be denied.


Disadvantages of dental implants

dental implant placementThe cost. When we think of getting dental implants, the first thing that comes into mind is how expensive it will be. It is given knowledge that dental implants may be the best but the most expensive dental procedure of all dental procedures. Expect a price tag of at least $3000 to $4500 for a single implant.

Implant limitations. Not all patients needing implant surgery can be candidates. some patients lack the bone tissue it needs to hold the implant and may need additional surgery and procedures before getting a dental implant. Some patients with wound healing problems or gum tissue conditions cannot undergo implant surgery as well.

Procedure timeline. The process is grueling and would require you to come in and out of the clinic for a span of at least a year. This will depend on the type of implant, your healing capacity, and the expertise of your dentist.

Healing process. You will undergo at least 2 surgical procedures to be able to have dental implants, and each surgery entails a healing period of at least 2 months. This means more days off work and downtime.

Implant failure. Most implants can last a good 10 to 15 years, as many implant manufacturers would claim. However, it would depend on how you take care of your implants, your lifestyle, and the quality of implants how long they will become sturdy.

Stem cell dental implants?

Because of these disadvantages, many scientists are now looking into ways to naturally re-grow teeth. Yes! We know it is quite impossible, but these geniuses are researching about a shark’s ability to re-grow unlimited sets of teeth in a matter of weeks, and how humans can do the same. They discovered that there are stem cells found in our baby teeth and wisdom teeth, and they are doing experiments that would make stem cell dental implants possible. There are experiments done in different universities that have tested stem cell dental implants theory on rat teeth, human gum and tooth tissue, through the use of low-level laser light, and using a natural-material scaffold that looks like a tooth to direct stem cells into generating a new tooth. Although these may still be a work in progress, we all hope that these endeavors can help us solve the mystery on how to preserve a healthy radiant smile the more affordable and organic way.



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