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Implant Retained vs Implant Supported Dentures: Which One is For You?

Are you considering to get implant dentures to replace your missing teeth? This treatment is an alternative to traditional dentures and has two types that you may need to know. The big difference between implant retained vs implant supported dentures can tell which one is the right for you. Consider understanding the various factors that may help you maximize the excellent benefit of each technique. Visit for more information.


An Introduction to Implant Dentures

Dentures are a traditional approach to replace missing teeth, and most of these appliances are removable. The conventional dentures are available in partial and complete types. Complete conventional dentures cover all the teeth, while the partial dentures use for someone who has some natural teeth.

Over time, dental procedure and treatment become more innovative and aesthetic. Of course, this improvement will not get too far from what started. The conventional dentures turn into more advanced treatment that needs a surgical procedure to be more effective. So, if you are looking for an alternative to conventional dentures, implant dentures can give you a more stable set of teeth that act like your real teeth.The senior patient visits his dentist to get a denture.

Moreover, implant dentures have several ways to perform. The considerable variation is between the technique used. So, what is the different of implant retained vs implant supported dentures? Let’s define each method and its benefits.


Benefits of Implant Dentures

Individuals who have suffered from dental issues may eventually need to consider getting dentures. While the conventional removable dentures have been the decision for some, implant dentures turn into the new option.

Implant dentures give plenty of advantages that cause it a much better decision than traditional false teeth.

Dentures are simply a restoration for lost teeth and generally produced using a plastic base, with artificial teeth situated on the casing. This dental appliance is a substitution for regular teeth, not only for cosmetic reasons. Missing teeth can affect the capacity to talk, meddle with eating, and ultimately have undesirable health consequences. That is why dentists recommend dentures to dispose of these issues.

Another issue with lost teeth is the effect it has on bone construction. Implant dentures will not only give you a natural look, but it will also make your smile more brilliant and beautiful. It will keep your facial construction more youthful-looking because the teeth help support everything in place.

Moreover, since implants substitute a portion of your tooth roots, you will better preserve your bone over conventional false teeth.


Implant Retained Dentures

Implant retained dentures are a terrific option in contrast to conventional dentures for patients who need substitution of multiple teeth. This type of implant dentures does not entail several dental implants. However, depending on the circumstance, the expansion of two to six implants can reestablish a whole arch of teeth to work closely to regular teeth. Since implant retained dentures require fewer implants, this technique makes more affordable and less invasive compared to implant supported dentures. This type of implant dentures will help you to talk and eat without discomfort. Yet, the dentures do still require to remove at night and to clean.

Implant retained dentures might be an ideal choice for the individuals who do not mind taking out and cleaning their teeth around evening time. This technique is also applicable for the individuals who approve of avoiding very sticky and chewy foods.


Implant Supported Dentures

This type of implant dentures affords the most accurate answer for false teeth. The dentures are as yet one unit like implant retained dentures, but they are permanently attached to the implants underneath. In implant support dentures, you do not need to remove the dentures to clean them since you cannot dislodge the appliances. The good thing about this is that you can take the full force of a bite. However, accomplishing this successful alternative regularly requires higher costs. Implant supported dentures often need more dental implants to help the dental replacement teeth, which is, for the most part, a more invasive procedure. These implant dentures may also involve bone and soft tissue regeneration to finish the method with a natural and attractive appearing smile.

This supported denture is necessary to wear consistently even during night time, making individuals with TMJ or sleep apnea candidates for this kind of implant dentures. The false teeth are ordinarily planned given these conditions not to worsen them. Implant supported dentures are additionally a good choice for the individuals who need to try not to have removable false teeth and do not mind the higher cost point.


Implant Retained vs Implant Supported Dentures: Which Is Right for You?

The patient has a successful dental implant.The two kinds of dentures can offer incredible cosmetic and functional outcomes. So, picking the correct type of procedure between implant retained vs implant supported dentures may require considering some factors. These various factors may depend upon some connected variables that can determine how each will suit your lifestyle.


Appropriate Candidate

To begin with, you need to know whether your jawbone is well-matched with implant supported dentures. In case you do not have sufficient jawbone to help a complete supplement of dental implants, you will most likely be unable to get an implant-supported denture.



One of the differences between implant retained vs implant supported dentures is the quality of food they can encounter. If you are a major fan of some difficult to-bite foods, you will likely get better outcomes from implant-supported dentures.



Your health condition can also be a factor to determine the right treatment for you between implant retained vs implant supported dentures. If you have TMJ or sleep apnea, implant supported dentures may help you from having your dentures in at night. This type of implant dentures has the strength to help with such conditions.



Some people do not want the thought of having removable teeth. If you want to ensure your teeth are consistently in place, then implant-supported dentures are the appropriate decision.



Knowing the cost is another factor to determine which dental appliance is the right for you. Never settle on a health decision only based on expense, but it is a necessary factor to consider. For example, cosmetic dentistry may look extravagant on paper. However, the advantages it gives to your health and confidence are invaluable.

Comparing the cost of implant retained vs implant supported dentures have a considerable difference. The implant retained only require a few dental implants compared to implant supported dentures. Hence, implant-supported dentures tend to be significantly more expensive. Moreover, some many reasons and factors can influence the rate of dental implants.

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