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Using a pain relief gel to soothe pain

Pain relief gel is an effective and fast acting remedy that can provide relief to people who suffer from aching joints or muscles. Unlike orally administered drugs such as aspirin or ibuprofen, it works only on the affected parts of the body without circulating through the bloodstream. Dentists of DDSS near Potts Point, NSW advise that such a gel can be used on the exterior of the cheek for moderate toothaches also.

These pain relief gels are applied topically and massaged into the skin externally, targeting the precise point of pain. These gels are classified into three different types: analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and irritating. The analgesic gel acts as a pain blocker, the anti-inflammatory reduces swelling and inflammation, and the irritating gel, which actually blocks pain by pain relief gel anti-inflammatoryreplacing it with an extreme sensation of cold or heat that travels to the brain instead.
Common active substances that bring about the desired effects in these compounds include: salicylate, which is the main acting ingredient in aspirin that is both an anti-inflammatory and an analgesic. Other substances are clove oil, camphor, and menthol which are often used in the irritating gels to create hot and cold feelings. Capsaicin is used in this same capacity and is very powerful since it is naturally derived from cayenne peppers and is responsible for making them taste hot.


Good quality, effective products will have more natural ingredients and less artificial ones. It is best to avoid those that contain purposeless fillers like alcohol and glycerin which can be aggressive to the skin.

People who suffer from arthritis often find much relief from the use of these topical gels. Arthritis causes inflammation of the joints, which brings about much swelling and stiffness. By applying these products to the affected joints, sufferers of this condition should notice an improvement in how they feel and are able to get around. Those who play sports professionally or recreationally on a regular basis or are involved extensively in any other rigorous physical activity continually put more strain on their muscles, joints, and tendons.

Anyone who is affected by chronic discomfort in their joints or muscles will most likely see an improvement if they try these gels.

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