Face Liposuction

Why You Should Go For Face Liposuction

Excess fat on your cheeks, neck, and chin could add years to your face. With the advent of face liposuction, men and women alike have looked years younger and thus, have grown more confident with their new look. The dramatic change could do wonders for your life too. Find out if this procedure will benefit you. Also visit liposuction services in Perth, WA clinic to know more about this procedure.

Fat deposits in the face may make you look overweight and unsightly. Even with ample exercise and proper dieting, the fats around your face will not seem to lessen. This’s because it’s the result of aging, heredity or obesity.

Liposuction is a type of surgery that takes away these unwanted fat deposits in localized areas in your body. Body contouring is the primary objective of liposuction making use of a special tube called a cannula. The cannula is inserted in a small incision in an area that’s not noticeable. A suction syringe is then attached to the cannula and is used to suck out the fat cells. The result will be the reshaping of the bulging areas to make it look more youthful and attractive.

Often in older patients, facial liposuction is done simultaneously with a facelift. Or it could be accompanied by surgery to the eyelid or nose or implants on the chin or cheek to optimize the beautification process.

The liposuction is most beneficial for men and women who are in good health with no existing active disease; and who have disproportional fatty deposits in their faces. They also must possess fine skin elasticity. Just as important, they must have realistic expectations of what they will look like after the procedure. It’s vital that the surgeon knows exactly what your desired outcome is. Communicating to him/her about your exact goals is of utmost importance.

Once the fat has been extracted, it’s permanent. This is because new fat cells are not created massively after adolescence. It’s the expansion of these fat cells that cause weight gain. Therefore, any gain in fatty deposits after liposuction will be kept at a minimum.

Face LiposuctionAfter surgery, one can expect dramatic changes. Excessive loose skin after face liposuction is rare in patients since the skin contracts over time making the removal of extra skin unnecessary.

Recovery post-op takes only a few days. Only 1-2 stitches are necessary to close the small incisions made. The elastic dressing is used over the area for a few days, then only during the nights for two more weeks after. The surgery is done on an out-patient basis which means the patient goes home right after the procedure and rests for the next 24 hours. Cold packs and mild analgesics are given for the first few days. Normal activities of daily living are resumed within 2-4 days after surgery.

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